Big Red Robe Oolong (大紅袍) 80g

  • Big Red Robe produced from the original bushes in the Wuyi mountains holds the current record for world's most expensive tea. Grown within the rocks and streams from the decedents of the original Big Red Rode bushes, this prestigious tea smoothly fills the palate with its refined complexity of rocky minerals, roasted nutty fragrances and a hint of smokiness. Its full bodied direct and depth of flavour fills the connoisseur with energy and from these characteristics is referred to as the "coffee lover's" tea. 

    Our Big Red Robe tea leaves can be re-infused 5 times equating to 26¢ per cup.
  • Significant benefits include:
    - Increases the speed of metabolism to aid weight loss
    - High in antioxidants proven to slow down the human oxidation process responsible for ageing
    - Linked to the prevention of a number of age related and degenerative diseases such as cancer
Big Red Robe Details & Brew instructions
Name:  Big Red Robe, Da Hong Pao, 大紅袍

T ype:   Oolong tea
Region: Wuyi mountain, Fujian Province, China
Harvest: 2014 (Spring)

Quantity:   6g per 500ml (approx 2 tbsp)
Water temperature: 10 0 °c
Infusion time: 4   min
Refill:  5 times

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Category: Oolong Tea

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