About Us

Chá Chinese Tea is a Sydney Australia based online retailer of loose leaf Chinese tea.

- Our tea leaves are single origin and single harvest preserving each tea’s regional characteristics whilst respecting the craftsmanship of each skillful tea master.

- Our knowledgeable team is well versed on the health and well-being of our teas and exerts their rich experience to select only the finest teas for our connoisseurs.

- Our aim is to capture this traditional art of tea appreciation in its most authentic form and share a piece of our proud culture with you, and the rest of the world. 

History dating back 5000 long years, farmers and tea masters hand down their craftsmanship for generations. A dynasty long legacy remains with those families residing in the high picturesque mountains, cultivating tea with refined techniques that only they know best. We travel to these stunning locations to experience the growing environment and appreciate the production techniques utilised by each plantation site. The team will taste teas from various regions and select only the finest teas either enjoyed best fresh or aged for our seasonal releases for you to experience. Highly prized autumn and spring harvests form our seasonal collections, reputable for their optimal growing climate to develop its supreme taste and clinically proven superior health benefits. 


Chá Chinese Tea

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