Lapsang Souchong (拉普山小種) 100g

  • Wilted under woody pine smoke, this famous Chinese black tea is renowned for its distinctive smokiness partnered with a hint of dried longan in aftertaste. Its dry leaf and liquor is rich in colour and strong in smoky aromas. A unique tea favoured towards strong tea drinkers like the honourable, Sir Winston Churchill.

    Our Lapsang Souchong tea leaves can be re-infused 5 times equating to 16¢ per cup.
  • Significant benefits include:
    - High level of theaflavin proven to minimise the risk of stroke and heart disease.
    - Possess anti-inflammatory properties to strengthen immune system.
    - Frequent consumption may minimise the risk of diabetes,  cholesterol and age related degenerative diseases
Details & Brew instructions

Name: Lapsang Souchong, smoked tea, 拉普山小種
T ype:  Red/Black Tea
Region:  Fujian  P rovince , Ch ina 
Harvest:   2014 (Spring)
Quantity: 6 g per 500ml (approx 3 tsp)
Water temperature:  90-95°c 
Infusion time:  4 min
Refill: 4-5 times

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Category: Black Tea

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