White Peony (白牡丹) 60g

  • Hand picked, wilted under the natural sunlight and dried to age. An untouched piece of paradise transformed into your cup of tea. Its natural purities retained to its highest levels and when brewed, releases its delicate earthiness, light aroma and clean aftertaste taking you on a journey back to its original sacred paradise.

    Our White Peony tea leaves can be re-infused 4 times equating to 27¢ per cup.
  • Significant benefits include:
    - Possess anti-baterial and anti-fungal properties used as a home herbal remedy to ease sore throats
    - Highest level of antioxidants proven to slow down the human oxidation process responsible for ageing
    - Linked to the prevention of a number of age related and degenerative diseases such as cancer
Details & Brew instructions
Name: White peony, Bai Wu Dan, 白牡丹

Type: White tea
Region: Fujian Province, China
Harvest: 2012 (Spring)

Quantity: 5g per 500ml (approx 2 tbsp)
Water temperature: 80°c
Infusion time: 3 min
Refill: 4 times

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Category: White Tea

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